Dharma Wheel

A central symbol for Buddhists, the dharma wheel is often seen as the symbol of a universal monarch. It thus represents the Buddha as a universal teacher and guide. A golden dharma wheel atop a Buddhist temple The dharma wheel—most frequently depicted as a wheel with eight spokes—is especially symbolic of the Buddhist dharma , most specifically the Buddha’s first sermon. This sermon, called "The First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma", set the entire Buddhist religion in motion much like

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The Nakatomi Harae Kunge

While it contains a number of Buddhist elements, the Nakatomi Harae Kunge is an exceptionally important text in the history of medieval Shinto. Its colophon In this usage, a colophon as an inscription at the end of a premodern manuscript that provides information such as its title, author, and/or the date in which it was compiled. If the manuscript is a copy of an original, it may instead include the date when it was copied. states that it was first copied in 1191 CE, but it is now widely

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The Darshanas

Hinduism also consists of a number of branches that are centered on philosophy rather than the worship of deities. Traditionally, these branches are categorized into six darshanas, each based on non-religious sacred texts composed at different points in early Indian history. The six darshanas each differ in offering an alternate means by which any question may be approached in order to find an accurate answer. These philosophical branches do not possess a common belief system, nor are there any

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Fatimah (c. 605 – 633 CE) was the daughter of Muhammad and his first wife Khadijah. Fatimah married 'Ali and actively supported and defended him. Because she is the mother of a long line of descendants directly connected to Muhammad, she is honored and revered as a sacred figure in Islam history, particularly among Shi'a. They view her husband and two sons, Ḥasan and Husayn, as proper successors to Muhammad and the first three imams of Shi'ism. Fatimah is said to have been buried in the tom

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Bethlehem, also called Ephrath or Ephratah, is a town in Israel, located about five miles south of Jerusalem. It is an important place for Christians, as biblical accounts identify it as the birthplace of Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament, Bethlehem became noteworthy when Rachel, the wife of the patriarch Jacob, was buried there.Bible: Genesis 39:19-20 Bethlehem is also identified in the Bible as the hometown of David,Bible: 1 Samuel 16 an important king of ancient Israel. During

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