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Faithology is the world’s premier encyclopedia of religions and beliefs. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive educational resource for students, educators and people of all backgrounds who seek a greater level of knowledge, awareness and understanding about religion. Users have access to state-of-the-art research tools and organized academic content that is certifiably accurate and religiously unbiased.

The Faithology team consists of professionals with a wide range of religious and academic backgrounds. Our writers adhere to strict academic standards, and our original content undergoes a rigorous editing process to ensure neutrality and quality. Faithology is not sponsored by or affiliated with any outside organizations and will never promote one belief over another.

Each member of the Faithology team is committed to providing:

  1. Accurate and objective information that is accessible to beginners and experts alike
  2. Innovative research tools that enhance the user experience
  3. Content that is void of religious bias and corporate influence

We believe that tolerance, respect, and understanding begin with accurate information. It is our hope that Faithology will foster interfaith dialogue, aid in greater religious understanding, and assist users in the study of their faith and the faiths of others.

We invite you to make Faithology a principal resource in your study of the world’s various religions, past and present.

Meet the Team

Brandon Marling
Brandon Marling
Megan Combe
Megan Combe
Director of Operations
Brett Palmer
Brett Palmer
Creative Director
William Youmans
William Youmans
Software Developer


Friederike Assandri
Friederike Assandri, PhD
Chinese Religions
Julius H. Bailey
Julius H. Bailey, PhD
American Religions
Ana Bajželj
Ana Bajželj, PhD
Stephanie Bilinsky
Stephanie Bilinsky
Christianity, Voodoo
Daniel M. Bronstein
Daniel M. Bronstein, PhD
Adam Darlage
Adam Darlage, PhD
Joseph Elacqua
Joseph Elacqua
East Asian Religions
Amelia Hall
Dr. Amelia Hall
Susan Harper
Susan Harper, PhD
Wicca, Neo-Paganism
Geoffrey Herman
Geoffrey Herman, PhD
Lee Kuhnle
Lee Kuhnle, PhD
Philosophy of Religion
Stan M. Landry
Stan M. Landry, PhD
Jeremy Leatham
Jeremy Leatham
Abrahamic and New Age Religions
Tullio Lobetti
Tullio Lobetti, PhD
Japanese Religions
Benedetta Lomi
Benedetta Lomi, PhD
Japanese Religions
Brandon Marriott
Brandon Marriott, PhD
Abrahamic Religions
Mehran Mazinani
Mehran Mazinani
Rachel Ozanne
Rachel Ozanne, PhD
American Religions
Behrooz Sabet
Behrooz Sabet, PhD
Baha'i Faith
Sarah Sorge
Sarah Sorge
Philosophical Studies
Christopher Stroop
Christopher Stroop, PhD
Russian Religions
Rosanna Sze
Rosanna Sze, PhD
Chinese Religions
Paolo Visigalli
Paolo Visigalli, PhD
South Asian Religions
Lisa Roy Vox
Lisa Roy Vox, PhD
Atheism, Religious History